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SR 608 - Multi Purpose - High Strength

Color: Dark Brown |   Drying Time: Min. 6 minutes
Tack Retation Time: Max. 30 min.
  • SR 608 is a dark brown, moderate drying synthetic rubber adhesive. It is a multi-purpose adhesive suitable for bonding variety of substrates such as plywood, laminate, natural rubber, Nitrial rubber, EPDM, leather, foam, vinyl, rexin, ceramic, FRP, metal, canvas etc. It has excellent bonding strength and doesn’t contain benzene or hazards materials. Ideal viscosity gives superior coverage. It is good adhesive for curved, bending and spherical surface for quick bonding without spring back action. Store between 2°C and 40°C.

  • APPLICATION: Widely used for furniture manufacturing for bonding laminate to wood. It used for bonding HVAC ducting system, chiller water piping insulation, acoustic insulation, under deck insulation, thermal storage system, wall paneling for cold storage, footwear, PVC flooring, carpet lying, handicraft, Upholstery, mattress etc. It is used for bonding natural rubber, nitrile rubber, EPDM, rexine, metal, wood, various insulation material, concrete to itself and each other.

  • Ideally design for footwear industries.

Shelf life:
  • Tin Can: 1 years

Packaging Detail


Size Units per Case Units per Master
100 ml 24 144
200 ml 24 96
500 ml 12 48
1 ltr. 6 24
5 ltr. 2 4
25 ltr. 1 1