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502 – Latex Prime

  • NeoSeal® 502 is a styrene butadine latex based modified waterproofing and bonding agent for high performance. It makes structure abrasion and erosion resistant and prevents cracks formation in it.

  • APPLICATION: Waterproofing of various building portions prone to water leakage especially terrace, bathroom and toilet, water/chemical/effluent tanks, sumps, drains and water retaining structures. Repairs of spalled plasters and concrete. Fixing of tiles, natural stones and marble bedding. As a bond coat for new plaster/concrete on old one. Filling of more than 5mm wide plaster cracks and gaps between beams/columns and masonry (Wall) work. Erosion, frost resistant external plastering. Corrosion preventing coating on exposed rebars in spalled concrete.

  • COVERAGE: 65 to 75 sq. ft. /kg. in 2 coats for the mix ratio 1:4:7 (NeoSeal 502 : water : OPC)

Shelf life:
  • 18 months

Packaging Detail


Size Units per case Units per Master
200 gm 24 96
500 gm 20 40
1 kg 12 24
5 kg 4 4
20 kg 1 1
50 kg 1 1
200 kg 1 1