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508 - Neocem 2k - Acrylic Cementitious Two Component Waterproof Coating

  • NeoSeal® N-508 NEOCEM 2K is a two-component cementitious & acrylic polymer based flexible waterproofing as well as a protective coating for masonry surfaces. It is made up from best quality Portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & acrylic nano emulsion polymer as a binder. Specially designed for wet area such as swimming pools, water tanks, kitchen. Since, it forms excellent elastomeric, tough, waterproof & protective layer over the substrate.

  • AREA OF APPLICATION: Bathrooms and toilets, water tanks, basements, faces of dam walls, swimming pools, basins, storage tanks, balconies and terraces, concrete structures like pillars and beams for road and railway bridges, cooling towers, underpasses, water retaining walls.

  • COVERAGE: Coverage depends upon the nature of the surface to be applied. But on average, smooth surface will give approx. 10 to 12 sq. ft. per kg for 2 coats. DFT about 500-600 microns.

Shelf life:
  • 12 months

Packaging Detail


Size Units per case Units per Master
3 kg 1 6
15 kg 1 1

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