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508 - Neocem 2k - Acrylic Cementitious Two Component Waterproof Coating

  • Used for waterproofing of all bathroom, kitchen sinks, balconies, chajjas, canopies, water tank, basement, etc.

  • Flexible coating that accommodate crack upto 2 mm with good elasticity.

  • Lower water permeability, excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces with non-toxic low VOC content.

  • Potable water safe coating for waterproofing of water tanks/ storage tanks.

Shelf life:
  • 12 months

  • 8 to 10 sq-feet/kg in 1 mm thickness in 2 coats depending upon texture and porosity of the surface.

Packaging Detail


Size Units per case Units per Master
3 kg 1 6
15 kg 1 1