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SR 610 - Special Spray Foam Adhesive

Colour: Light Yellow |  Drying Time: 1-2 minutes
Tack Retation Time: Max. 45 min.
  • SR 610 is a light-yellow colored, multi-purpose fast drying sprayable synthetic rubber adhesive. It is specially designed for foam to foam bonding. It can be used for bonding variety of substrates like Foam, Painted metal, MS, FRP, PVC Foam, Rexine, Fabric & non woven carpet. For large area coverage , high strength, faster bonding. It provides excellent film forming ability on various foams; high tack and immediate bonding increase the productivity in the manufacturing.

  • Ideal for foam to foam bonding in the manufacturing of sofa, chair, and mattress. It can be used for automobile (rood lining, door trim, non-woven carpet application), upholstery fixing and seat making, etc.

Shelf life:
  • Tin Can: 1 years

Product Details


Size Units per Case Units per Master
4.5 Ltr. 4 4
30 Ltr. 1 1