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570 Floor Hardner NM

  • NeoSeal® 570 Floor Hardener NM is a cement-based formulation prepared with blend of high strength cement, high quality graded quartz aggregates, polymer additives and some chemicals. It provides concrete surface with extremely hard wearing surface recommended for all area of heavy industrial use. It provides a highly abrasion resistance industrial surface which resists corrosion and absorption of grease, oils, alkalis and most chemicals. Used for hardening freshly placed horizontal concrete slabs and toppings.

  • APPLICATION: • All types of industrial floors • Heavy engineering factories, machine shops, power plant etc. • Workshops, warehouses and garage floors • Loading, unloading bays and gangways • Ramps and vehicular traffic areas • Hangers, shipyards, abattoirs and armouries • Other concrete floors requiring high resistance to abrasion, wear and tear and impact

Shelf life:
  • 6 months

Packaging Detail

Size Units per case Units per Master
25 kg 1 1