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755 Epoxy Adhesive

  • Neoseal® 755 Epoxy Adhesive is a slight yellowish, two component, high strength adhesive that chemically cures at room temperature in 30-40 minutes for most projects. It has good adhesion to a variety of substrate including fiber sheet, glass, metals, plastic, wood, concrete, stone, etc. It has an excellent chemical resistance to moisture, salt water, detergents, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze, automotive fluids, acids, and bases.APPLICATION AREAS: Ideal for industrial, electrical, automotive, steel, glass, metal, stone, vulcanized fiber sheet, ornaments, textile industries, handicrafts, house hold items.

  • Shelf life:

  • Bucket Pack: 12 months

Product Range

  • Size:

    SizeL 16kg - Part A(Resin) + Part B (Hardener)

Size Units per case Units per Master
30 gm 44 528
60 gm 37 444
100 gm 20 240
250 gm 4 80
1 Kg Std.
1 20
4 Kg Std.
1 4