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514 BituCoat - Water Based Bituminous Paint

  • NeoSeal® 514 BituCoat is a water based, cold applied, black colour highly elastomeric monolithic protective coating. This unique system is ready to use acrylic modified bituminous liquid membrane. It forms a tough yet highly flexible and durable waterproofing coating upon drying. It is highly thixotropic emulsion which can be easily applied to any thickness by roller or squeegee.

  • APPLICATIONS:• Commonly used as a protective and waterproofing coating for concrete foundations, retention wall, retaining structure below ground but above the water table level. • It used as a moisture vapor barrier on block works and concrete surfaces prior to cladding. • Waterproofing of basements, side walls, toilets, water tanks, swimming pool and various wet area like channels, dams, water tower, tunnels etc.

  • COVERAGE: For 1st coat 40 - 45 sq. ft. per Ltr. and for 2nd coat 45 - 50 sq. ft. per Ltr. For two coats 20-22 sq. ft. and DFT about 250 – 300 microns. Coverage may vary depending on the texture and porosity of the application surface.

Shelf life And Storage:
  • 12 months

Packaging Detail


Size Units per case Units per Master
4 Ltr. 4 4
20 Ltr. 1 1