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513 NEOPOXY - Two-component Water Base Epoxy Coating

  • NeoSeal® 513 NeoPoxy is a two-component water base epoxy coating composed of epoxy resin, hardener, inorganic pigments & special graded fine fillers, specialty additives for improving the performance of material. It provides excellent water and chemical resistance with improving adhesion, hardness, toughness and mechanical strength. It has an advantage of dilution with water for application over cementitious surfaces. It is used as an internal coating for the waterproofing treatments of water tanks with anti-microbial anti fungal properties.

  • APPLICATIONS: Damp proofing treatment for RCC water tanks. Internal damp wall treatment. Commonly used as a protective and waterproofing coating for concrete foundations, retention wall, retaining structure. It can be used below ground but above the water table level. Concrete and masonry block, Precast concrete, Architectural concrete.

  • COVERAGE: About 35–40 sq. ft. per kg for two coats and DFT about 700-800 microns. Coverage may vary depending on the texture and porosity of the application surface and type of application.

Shelf life :
  • 12 months

Packaging Detail


Size Units per case Units per Master
500 g 10 20
1 kg 6 12