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563 Epoxy Injection Grout

  • NeoSeal® 563 is a two component (Part-A (Resin) & Part-B (Hardener)) higher strength adhesive which is chemically cure at room temperature when both part mix homogeneously with the help of suitable tools like glass rod, spatula, etc. It has good adhesion (bond strength) to a variety of substrate including fiber sheet, glass, Metal, plastic, wood, stone, etc.

  • APPLICATION: Ideal for industrial, electrical, automotive, steel, glass, metal, stone, vulcanized fiber sheet, ornaments, textile industries, handicrafts, house hold items. Resin and hardener components are mix as per suggested mixing ratio. After mixing exothermic reaction start so before pot life (gel time) apply on substrate. Don’t use or apply after gel time /pot life start its effect on bond strength. For good bonding strength make sure substrates are clean, grease free, dust free, if not, first clean with cleaner, cotton or suitable things

Shelf life:
  • 12 months

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