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SR 609 - Foam & Furnish - Fast Drying

Colour: Light Yellow Brown |  Drying Time: Min. 4-5 minutes
Tack Retation Time: Max. 30 min | Viscosity: Minimum 700 cPs
  • SR 609 is a light yellowish brown colour multipurpose synthetic rubber adhesive. It has excellent bonding strength and suitable for bonding variety of substrates such as in PU Foam, Coir mattress, Rubber foam, Rexine, Bus body, AC /Duct insulation, PVC flooring. It doesn’t contain benzene or hazards materials. Excellent spread ability. Store between 2°C and 40°C.

  • Commonly used for PVC or Vinyl flooring, foam, upholstery, bus body, HVAC insulation, duct insulation, handicraft, seat cover pasting etc. It has excellent spread-ability. High coverage on flooring up to 110 Sq. Ft. per liter depending on the floor surface and condition.

  • Ideally design for carpentry.

Shelf life:
  • Tin Can: 1 years

Product Details


Size Units per Case Units per Master
100 ml 24 144
200 ml 24 96
500 ml 12 48
1 ltr. 6 24
5 ltr. 2 4
25 ltr. 1 1