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504 Prime Coat - For Interior - Exterior

  • NeoSeal® N-504 PRIMER is a single component, high performance acrylic emulsion polymer based, flexible waterproof primer for interior and exterior building walls. It can be used as a waterproofing base coat prior to painting the building OR waterproofing the building using NeoSeal® Wall Coat and Terrance Coat.

  • APPLICATION: Any interior and exterior building walls, roofs, chhajjas etc. Plastered walls, asbestos, concrete surface, bricks, falls ceiling etc. As a waterproofing base coat.

  • COVERAGE: Coverage depends upon the nature of the surface to be applied. But on average, smooth surface will give approx. 85 to105 sq. ft. per litre per coats., DFT about 50 – 60 microns.

Shelf life and Storage:
  • 24 months

Packaging Detail


Size Units per case Units per Master
1 Ltr. 6 24
10 Ltr. 1 1
20 Ltr. 1 1