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  • NeoSeal® 511 BitumSeal is a water based, cold applied, black colour highly elastomeric monolithic protective coating. This unique system is ready to use acrylic modified bituminous liquid membrane. It forms a tough yet highly flexible and durable waterproofing coating upon drying. It is highly thixotropic emulsion which can be easily applied to any thickness by roller or squeegee.

  • APPLICATIONS: Commonly used as a protective and waterproofing coating for concrete foundations, retention wall, retaining structure below ground but above the water table level. It used as a moisture vapor barrier on block works and concrete surfaces prior to cladding. Waterproofing of basements, side walls, toilets, water tanks, swimming pool and various wet area like channels, dams, water tower, tunnels etc.

  • COVERAGE: For 1st coat 40 to 45 sq. ft per Ltr. and for 2nd coat 45 to 50 sq. ft per Ltr. Coverage may vary depending on the texture and porosity of the application surface.

Shelf life And Storage:
  • 12 months

Packaging Detail


Size Units per case Units per Master
1 Ltr. 12 24
4 Ltr. 4 4
10 Ltr. 1 1
20 Ltr. 1 1

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